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Hear from our partner Angus Booker from Tom & Andy’s as he shares his experiences with Mambo Coffee Roasters.

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We have been buying coffee from Mambo Coffee Roasters for two years now and I would absolutely recommend their coffee products and services.

 Rick came out to see us here in Longreach to help us with equipment installation and barista training. 

He then organised a better machine than the initial one we had and shipped it out to us.  He also installed the machine and filtration system for us and then got us a better grinder. The ongoing service has been awesome, he always spends time with any new staff that need barista training when he comes out. 

They are a small family business who are genuine and prompt with answers to questions that have arisen as I have grown my business. I know if I send Rick a text that I am going to hear back from him soon.

I knew nothing about coffee when I started this business, but with Rick’s help I have been able to confidently grow a steady trade of loyal customers. 

Tracy Hatch, The Coffee Hatch, Ilfracombe Qld


I have been buying Mambo Coffee Beans for 5 years, and I would recommend their coffee beans and services to anyone who loves good coffee.  The flavour of their coffee has a unique chocolatey finish.  

I know I can always get replacement parts and good advice from Rick for my machine at home.  Even if he cannot solve my problem on the spot, he gets something to me as quickly as he can. I always leave knowing that he’s going to follow up for me.

Mambo Coffee Roaster is a family orientated business and they’re always friendly when you drop in to their warehouse.

They are knowledgeable and the love where the Sunshine Coast community.

They have educated me about coffee in different areas of its use and I’ve seen them assist multiple businesses across the Sunshine Coast.  They believe in enabling other people to do well in the coffee business because of their own passion for coffee.

Alun, Bli Bli


I definitely recommend these guys to any business using coffee.

I love their coffee!  I swapped from my previous supplier and I was looking for a supplier with better service.  I had my business for 11 years and I used Mambo Coffee Roasters for 7 of those years.  The coffee was always excellent.

Several times I had equipment problems and because of Rick’s experience and knowledge about coffee machines, grinders, plumbing and filtering systems he was always able to solve the problem, usually on the spot himself saving me the effort to call in a third party coffee repair technician.  Their delivery service is consistent and they always take my calls.  

 I have since sold my business but I continue to have a relationship with Rick and Jacque.  I regularly drop into their warehouse and there’s always time to have a yarn.  

They are a family business and it really shows in the way they communicate and deal with you. They are the genuine article and handle their business with a personal touch that’s unique to them.

They try to help your business where they can. They deliver what they promise.  They’re not just sales people or yes men.  If they say they’re going to do it then they do. They follow up on things.  Rick and Jacque are easy going and always take the time to have a yarn with you about just about anything.

Greg, Backstreet Burgers


I tell everyone about these guys and I have been buying Mambo Coffee for 8 years now.

A friend recommended that I come in and try their coffee back when they had Caffeine Culture at The Old Courthouse in Maroochydore.  I went up to the counter and asked for my usual Flat White with 2 sugars.  The young barista behind the machine shyly asked whether I would consider trying to drink her coffee without sugar just to see.  I thought I would give it a chance and I have been a dedicated convert ever since. Follow them everywhere.

I’ve been know to ring them on a Saturday afternoon and plead for mercy when I have run out of beans for my home machine.  Rick has always managed to get a bag or 2 to me at short notice, but I think I’m one of his favourites.  I’ve loved being part of these guys’ journey.

Karen, Cooroy


We would absolutely recommend these guys.  We have been using their coffee exclusively in our business “North Coffee” for 6 years.  The foremost reason we chose Rick and Jacque’s service was because of their exceptional coffee. The flavour of the blends and their execution with their products within their coffee shops is brilliant.  Secondly, we liked the way they conducted business with their customers.  Rick is always there to help with equipment.

Whether it’s a breakdown or equipment upgrade, Rick has always solved the problems promptly. His practical experience with machines comes in handy when you’re in a tight fix and under the pump with customers waiting.  They have always been prompt with their help. Although, we had prior experience in the hospitality industry, Rick was still able to add specific insight about espresso bar layout and function when we were designing our current coffee bar. 

They have always shown us exemplary service and communication. They’re always friendly, and being a family business makes a huge difference. We always feel welcome at the warehouse when we drop in. 

Mambo Coffee’s consistently excellent product has been part of our own business’ success. We have been able to focus on other aspects of our business knowing that the excellent coffee has remained consistent all these years.  

“Stand out coffee”

Garry, North Coffee


I would recommend Mambo Coffee Roasters as a business supplier because of their Locality and consistency of product supplied.

They supplied my café for approximately one year before I sold my business. Their product was consistently fresh, well priced and if I ever needed anything they ran to my rescue!

 I chose Mambo Coffee Roasters as my coffee bean supplier because I always try to support Local Business where possible, plus the brand had a good reputation.

Rick helped me setup my coffee needs from start to finish, and fulfilled all my requests when I was setting my café up, we worked together to match the current branding of Mambo with the look of my café that I wanted to purvey.  I would rate Mambo Coffee Roasters follow up service as a 10/10.

Being a local business enables Mambo Coffee Roasters to give the personal service that other metropolitan brands cannot. My calls were always answered, and solutions were provided to any coffee related problems.

I would certainly use Mambo Coffee Roasters again.

Joyce, formerly of “Nourish on Buderim”


I’ve been using Mambo Coffee Roasters for over five years now and during that time Rick and the team have been of great help in both of my cafe ventures.
They are very knowledgeable, always happy to help and not to mention they roast some of the best specialty coffee you’re going to find Queensland.

Whether it’s troubleshooting, out of hours service on equipment or simply just running short of stock the guys at Mambo Coffee have always been there to assist us any way they can.

I can’t recommend Mambo Coffee Roasters highly enough to anyone looking at starting a new espresso bar/cafe or an existing businesses looking to upgrade their coffee supplier.

Nick, Zephyr and The Red Shed Espresso Bar, Mooloolaba