About Us

Mambo Coffee Roasters- Sublime Coffee and Genuine Service.


Mambo Coffee Roasters is a family owned and local business in the centre of Maroochydore.  We have been crafting great coffee for 14 years. 

Coffee beans, equipment and barista training are essential parts of making consistently delicious coffee for your customers, and we are passionate about all three!

We currently have three sublime blends of coffee crafted from some of the best coffee producing countries in the world.  We prefer to source the best coffee beans from global coffee growing that embrace ethical agricultural practices.  We also roast a weekly rotated Single Origin bean at our roastery in Maroochydore.

We can tailor our equipment packages to suit your business. We do not use a "one size fits all" approach when working with our business clients.  We will work with you onsite to find the grinders, an espresso machine and other products that will serve the best coffee to your customers, within a price range that works for your business plan.

The “Mambo Coffee Barista Training Program”, was born from our first-hand experience of teaching our own young baristas to master the art of extraction while using freshly roasted coffee. Learning how to dial in a grinder in the morning as well as learning to recognise the need for adjustments during the day presents a constant challenge to the uninitiated. We also found that the development of a barista's ability to distinguish between and appreciate different flavours was a crucial element of ensuring great coffee was being served to the customer.  

We have always believed that ultimately the notion of "How does it taste?" is a more important benchmark than relying solely on the technique used to extract. 

Once our baristas found that perfect sweet note in the extraction, their grind, dose and tamping techniques developed more quickly as they learned to identify which technique needed to be tweaked to achieve the perfect shot. 

Our passion for fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, has assisted many of these young baristas, (and some older ones too) to establish some of the busiest espresso bars in the region.  

Rick and Jacque Caspersen have successfully built and operated numerous espresso bars in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and regional Queensland for the past decade. Our philosophy of great coffee served with a smile and genuine customer service has proved to be a winning business formula. 

Between them they have more than 50 years in sales, retail, hospitality, travel industry, mechanical and small business experience.  They have travelled and lived extensively around the world as well as Australia.  They have experienced Specialty Coffee adventures throughout the United States as well as Europe, specifically Specialty Coffee Culture of Denmark, which is one of the highest national consumers of coffee per GDP in the world. 

Jacque is a farmer's daughter who grew up looking out over farms which cultivated the trees of Australia’s modern coffee industry in the Paddy’s Green region of Far North Queensland. 
Rick was born in Denmark. But he has firmly adopted Australia as his home and has finally put down roots into the beautiful Sunshine Coast. 
Together they are happily raising their family and immersing themselves in the local community spirit within the heart of Maroochydore.

The Mambo Coffee Roasters team are passionate about empowering our business customers with first class roasted specialty coffee blended to their specific taste, the best equipment, and the most effective barista techniques to create their own critical point of difference in the highly competitive market of Specialty Coffee. 

We would love to hear from you and look forward to helping you in your journey with Specialty Coffee.