About Us

The Mambo Coffee Story

Mambo Coffee Roasters create Specialty Coffee solutions that increase the bottom line of your business. 

Beans, machine and barista are the three essential parts of making beautiful coffee. We are passionate about delivering an exceptional result for you in all of these components.

Our Master roaster has more than twenty years of roasting experience. He has crafted three sublime blends of coffee from some of the best coffee producing countries of the world.

Mambo Coffee Roasters are committed to sourcing coffee from regions which promote ethical and organic agricultural practices. We are also passionate about fostering direct and sustainable trading relationships with our farmers.

We supply an extensive range of equipment packages and can help you find the best machine and grinder package available to suit your business plan.

The Mambo Coffee Barista Training Program, borne from our first hand experience of the challenges of working with freshly roasted coffee has trained some of the best baristas on the Sunshine Coast.

Our passion for fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, has assisted many of these young baristas, (and some older ones too) to establish some of the busiest espresso bars on the Sunshine Coast.

From very, very humble beginnings Rick and Jacque Caspersen have been successfully building, operating and selling espresso bars on the Sunshine Coast and in the Moreton Bay region for the past decade. Our philosophy of great coffee served with a smile and a few minutes chat has proved to be a winning business formula. 

We respect our fellow gladiators in the challenging world of small business, and we are passionate about empowering our business customers with the means to create their own critical point of difference in the highly competitive market of Specialty Coffee.

The next exciting chapter of our “work in progress” is about to launch.  Mambo Coffee’s Small Batch Roaster will be roasting Single Origin Specialty Grade Coffees and crafting Micro blends for your second grinder.