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We love sharing our passion of Specialty coffee.

Our training is based on the World Barista Championship Standards and Guidelines set out by the various members of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA).

Quality Baristas are in hot demand and short supply throughout Australia.

Customer tastes are becoming more refined and their expectations of their coffee experience are more complex and much higher than a decade ago.

Creating Latte Art, once a novelty, is now a fundamental skill of a good barista.

Business owners now have to invest more financially in specialty coffee beans to help their business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Consequently, employers are looking for those baristas who can utilise this dynamic and challenging commodity to drive their morning business sales up and foster stronger relationships between the customer and their business.

 A great barista can increase the bottom line for a café business. They build repeat business based on “a great cup of coffee” done fast, with a friendly greeting every morning.  Time and time again, we have seen businesses who understand this concept forge past competitors regardless of prices and location.

For the past twelve years Rick Caspersen, head trainer of The Mambo Coffee Roasters, has been involved in training some of the Sunshine Coast’s most successful baristas.  Some of whom have then go on to build their own very successful Espresso Bars.

Mambo Coffee Roasters Barista Training educates students on popular beverage styles, explains the essentials of a proper extraction in espresso coffee, coffee grind, dose and tamp techniques on both manual and automatic grinders, fundamentals of operating and cleaning commercial espresso machines, milk texturing and basic Latte Art skills.  Rick provides his students with quality instruction, plenty of practice and incisive insight into the local coffee scene.

We know that using a commercial coffee machine for the first time (or after a long absence) can be a daunting experience; we realise how important it is for every student to feel comfortable in the learning environment.  Many of our students through the years have commented on Rick’s patient and engaging style of training that has helped them to overcome their nerves and enjoy a fantastic learning experience.

The Mambo Coffee Roasters Barista Training Certificate in résumés is widely recognised amongst Sunshine Coast café employers as a quality training experience, which has given that person a solid foundation in working an espresso machine at a commercial level.

Group Classes at The Mambo Coffee Roasters Training Centre

Group courses have a maximum of 4 people per class and are held at our Maroochydore training facility.

Courses are conducted on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

Individual Training at the Mambo Coffee Roasters Training Centre

We conduct private lessons on our commercial training machine and grinder.  These lessons are tailored to work to individuals’ specific coffee tuition needs. Class times are by appointment only. The duration is between 2 to 3 hours depending on the student’s skill level and desired learning outcome.  
We can work on your own machine and grinder in these lessons if you prefer.  If it’s portable, we can work with it at our training center. 


On-Site Training for Business Owners

We have helped many new business owners successfully launch their own business in the coffee industry. Having been in the game and done it ourselves(several times in fact), Mambo Coffee Roasters is able to provide comprehensive training and answer a broader range of general coffee business questions that other barista trainers may not be able to answer.  Mambo Coffee Roasters Barista Training is conducted by a person who has extensive experience with the challenges that new businesses will face.

Our experience in making money in Specialty Coffee Espresso Bars could be all the difference to your bottom line!

All Mambo Coffee Roasters Wholesale customers receive extensive and ongoing training on-site as part of their supply agreement with Mambo Coffee Roasters.
Please contact us at for new wholesale enquiries.

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