"I have recently purchased a Breville espresso machine and grinder. As a coffee devotee, I slowly developed the skills to pull a good shot and justify the expense of the machines. I was never completely happy as I always felt the shot was not as good as some of the specialty coffee baristas' shots that I have tasted. I had always assumed it was due to the quality of their machines..an expense I could not match.
However I recently had an hours tuition with Rick that opened my eyes. I am now getting unbelievable espresso’s consistently, which I never thought were possible from my equipment.. Most shots are simply stunning. Nectar of the gods !!
I am revisiting coffee blends, that I thought were of inferior quality only to find some amazing tastes.
Do yourself a favour and get expert advice from a barista of note. If you enjoy good coffee, don't waste it.
The only problem I have now is that I can no longer drink commercial espresso’s that don’t meet my standard.
 (PS I calculated that there are 21 variables in producing the perfect espresso )"
M Towne, Cairns.